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Tips for Your Dream Kitchen

Are you building your kitchen and looking for advice. You would by now realize that the core of any kitchen is the cabinets, appliances and worktop. Identifying these would take a bit of skill. A search on the internet would give you a wide range of varieties, the costs offered by various companies and even retailers of the product.

o In case of entire kitchen; check the company. Ask for contacts of previous customers as they would give you a better idea about the product.

o Get a person from the company visit you rather than some one from the showroom.

o You have a vision for your kitchen; then tell it to the designer. Collaborate with the designer on the requirements and design you visualize. Get it incorporated into the plan.

o A good show room gives you good items and will not talk you into getting things that they have on display.

o Good items come at a cost. Your search on the internet could lead you to a good deal as well.

o When you get the items; verify and see if there are any damaged or missing items. In case of damage ask the retailer to replace it.

o Do not pay them the entire amount. With hold 20 percent of the fee till the entire process is complete.

o For the work; draw up a schedule and synchronize the work. Whenever there is a concern about the work; raise the concern to set things right again.


Aesthetic sense of a kitchen depends on the type of cabinets you choose. Options are colored/stained; Maple/Oak or any other wood and Stock/Custom made.

o Stock cabinets will be delivered to you within a week of placing the order.

o Semi-custom cabinets would require changing a few features like handles, hinges and other items. This would take around two weeks of time

o Fully custom cabinets would take around six to ten weeks of time. The advantage of a fully custom cabinet is that it can fit into the architectural work and design of an old kitchen.

Worktops/Counter Tops

It is wise to select a material that will withstand years of use; with the least maintenance requirement. It should also be easily repairable if an accident occurs.

o Combine two or more counter top materials in one kitchen. This could be varied colors or textures placed adjacent to each other to create a visual interest. It could also complement with the cabinets, floor, wall paper or paint selections.

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