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Interior Design Portfolio Tips

A portfolio that ensures that you stand out from the rest in a positive way can open numerous doors to opportunities that many never get a chance to capitalise on. They do not have the chance to do so largely because they have weak portfolios that do absolutely nothing to showcase their talent at all. Your portfolio needs to be able to stand alone with no explanation at all and make you look good. It should impress people with the range of techniques, designs and qualities within it.

An excellent portfolio should have no shortage of interior design ideas that put a spin on the work of others and employ styles and fashions but there should also be something completely unique about it. The goal is to make yourself stand out in a good way and the tips in the following interior design tips in the next few paragraphs are designed to help you with just that!

Choose The Right Type

The golden rule of putting together a portfolio is that you should do so to reflect you in your best light because there is no one given right or wrong way to do it. You just have to showcase your interior designs to the best of your ability. However, you may look at tailoring it to the specific opportunity in question. Interior design is specific to taste so tailoring it rather than making it a generic interior design portfolio that just blends in with every other portfolio out there.

Show Your Skills

A portfolio should show your capabilities as a design and ensure that you have fully demonstrated your skills. You must be able to convey your design ideas quickly and effectively, using scale, color and focus to your best possible advantage. However, do not limit yourself to the usual photos, sketches, renderings and other similar projects. Instead, look to use any and all tools at your disposal. For example, use CAD, modelling, software packages, model making and any other formats of work you can use to be of benefit to you. You have to show off any and all skills that you have at your disposal because you never know what someone may be looking for.

Make It Different

Now you know exactly what your portfolio has to contain, it is up to you to make sure that it does contain all of the above but also has a little bit of you in there as well. If there is not something unique and individual to differentiate your ideas from those of everyone else then there is no point creating your portfolio to begin with. Different is good, especially if it gives others an idea of where you want to go. You have to take full control of your career and make people notice you. That way, interior design will be an ongoing love affair for you as well as a source of income. Few people get to do what they love for a living so make sure that you are one of them.

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