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Become an Interior Design Specialist

Working as assistant interior designer promises you hourly wages of about $20 per hour. The pay, of course depends on the design firm you join; the more reputed the firm is, the higher will be the pay! Once you climb up the step from an assistant to a certified interior designer, you can expect your income to increase to $50,000 or more. However, the partner of an interior design firm gets the best pay, in the range of $100,000 and up.

The new interior designer finds that getting the right clients for a job, is the most important and difficult part of interior designing. As there is a lot of competition in the design world, it may take some time before you land the right clients. However, never lose patience as once you get some clients who will provide good references for you, you will find that getting even more clients proves to be easier! However, on the pretext of getting a maximum number of clients, it is not advisable to give low bids. This is because the lower the bid you place, the more likely the client may assume that you deliver poor work!

The key to getting clients lies in your marketing. To get started marketing, it is necessary that you have your own business cards to hand out to prospective clients and of course, a portfolio for you to display your best work. Make sure you also have letters of references in the portfolio stating the professionalism of your work. This way the new client will know if they will be satisfied and comfortable with your services as an interior designer! You could also consider adding some references from friends or relatives in the portfolio, or perhaps some letters recommending you from the instructors of your school. If you have no office of your own, you can always work through a kiosk in the local mall or perhaps have a furniture shop advertise your services, so their customers may buy furniture to match your interior design!

It is also important to have a business number and registration number so that you can conduct your interior design business. To find out if there are any other requirements for you to adhere to, you can always turn to your accountants who will guide you in the right direction on taking the right steps. Joining the local Chamber of Commerce or any other local organization also provides networking opportunities for your interior designing services.

It is only with hard work and dedication that you get to build up your reputation in the field of interior designing. With this, you will find yourself in great demand as an interior designer, and thus have a great future ahead of you as a successful interior designer!

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